UNS: Sapic must treat all journalists equally

NEWS 01.03.202418:08
Tanjug/Vladimir Šporčić

The Journalists’ Association of Serbia (UNS) called on the head of the temporary body governing the Serbian capital, Aleksandar Sapic, to stop refusing to answer questions by journalists of certain media outlets and to refrain from violating the Law on Public Information and Media and so discriminating against journalists.

The UNS said that, when addressing the public on Friday regarding the postponement of the Belgrade City Assembly constitutive session, Sapic refused to answer N1 TV reporter’s questions.

UNS reminded the head of the temporary body that it is the job of journalists to ask questions of interest to the public, and the officials’ duty to answer them, and called on Sapic to treat all journalists equally.

“The UNS points out that Article 4 of the Law on Public Information and Media prohibits direct or indirect discrimination against media editors, journalists and other persons in the field of public information, and that the freedom of public information must not be violated by abuse of official position and public authority,” it said.

UNS added that anyone dissatisfied with the work of the media can turn to the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM), the Press Council or court, but stressed that “no one may deprive journalists of their right to seek answers to questions of interest to the public.”