UNS says Serbian tabloids got state financing despite code violations

NEWS 08.02.2021 17:47

The Serbian Journalists’ Association (UNS) warned on Monday that the tabloids that made the most violations of the Journalists’ Code were awarded more than 200,000 Euro at government sponsored media competitions.

The UNS said that the publishers of the pro-authorities tabloids Alo, Kurir, Srpski Telegraf and Informer were awarded a total of 220,000 Euro at those competitions last year.

It said that the Press Council found that Alo violated the code in 928 articles and reports over a six month period, adding that Kurir had 651 violations during the same period. UNS said that they received a total of 900,000 Dinars from the budget of the city of Novi Pazar for projects even though the rules of the competitions state that one of the criteria to deny financing are violations of the code in the previous year.