US Ambassador: Progress after difficult decisions

NEWS 29.03.202310:10

US Ambassador Christopher Hill said in the southern Serbian town of Presevo that he sees some progress after top officials from Belgrade and Pristina took difficult decisions in reaching the European Union-proposed agreement.

The ambassador said that a lot of people are worried about how everything will end but added that they should support the people who took the difficult decisions.

Hill said that one of the most important elements of the agreement is the Community of Serb Municipalities which the Kosovo authorities have to form along with other things Pristina has to do. He said that he believes Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic wants to normalize Belgrade-Pristina relations as well as relations with Brussels. I think this leads to a better situation with the EU, he said.

The Ambassador said that the United States fully supports the EU’s efforts but added that Washington is not a participant nor is it party to the agreement between Serbia, Kosovo and the EU even though it was involved in the process.