US Embassy, EU spokeswoman call for protection of Serbian journalists

NEWS 11.03.2021 22:52

The US Embassy in Serbia and a European Union spokesperson on Thursday called the Serbian authorities to allow investigative journalists to do their job free of threats and intimidation.

The US Embassy expressed hope that Serbia will be able to preserve freedom and human rights values and end dangerous and shameful campaigns against journalists.

“Serbia is a world leader in terms of vaccinating the population againstt COVID19 and Europe can look up to its economic growth rate. We hope that it can use the same strength and skill to preserve the joint values of freedom and human rights which are precious to the citizens of Serbia…. Including protecting journalists, greater freedom of the media and ending the dangerous and shameful campaigns to destroy the credibility of watchdog organizations such as KRIK which monitors democratic processes,” the embassy said on its official Twitter account.

It retweeted a twitter post by the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia (NUNS) calling for protection for the KRIK investigative portal which has been under attack for its reporting on the authorities.

European Commission spokeswoman Ana Pisonero also joined the calls to protect KRIK. She wrote in a Twitter post that journalists should be able to do their work freely and adding that the European Union condemns any threats or attacks on them.