US Embassy: Independent judiciary crucial to progress

Twitter / @USEmbassySerbia

The US Embassy in Belgrade said after Ambassador Christopher Hill’s meeting with two prosecutors dismissed over a corruption case on Thursday that Washington supports Serbia’s independent judiciary and fight against corruption.

A Twitter post picture showed the Ambassador with Bojana Savovic who was dismissed along with fellow prosecutor Jasmina Paunovic from an investigation into corruption in the national power company (EPS).

“An independent judiciary and the fight against corruption are key to Serbia’s progress, especially membership in the European Union. The US fully supports Serbia in those efforts and appreciate the partnership of professionals in the Prosecution who are aware of that such as Bojana Savovic and Jasmina Paunovic,” the post said.

Savovic and Paunovic were replaced and sent to other posts following an investigation into the EPS and the arrest of six people at the state-owned company by chief prosecutor Nenad Stefanovic who is alleged to be very close to the authorities.