Utility company workers attack N1 reporter in Serbia’s southern city of Nis

NEWS 21.02.2022 12:40
Source: N1

The employees of 'Nisus' public utility company in the southern city of Nis attacked an N1 reporter on Monday while filming the unearthing of a street from which water sprung over the weekend.

The police secured the N1 crew for about half an hour until they finished the shooting to prevent an additional attack.

Previously, they asked the reporter and water supply workers for their IDs.

The incident occurred when the reporter arrived at the location about 50 meters from an intersection where, without a fence and a warning sign, workers were digging the street.

Then, a man who had previously got out of ‘Naisus,’ company lorry started threatening the journalist, shouting at him not to film.

Although Milan Stojanovic, the reporter, identified himself as a journalist recording the works, the groups of workers came to him, threatening him, trying to drive him away.

He then called the police, who insisted that Stojanovic say whether he was threatened or not.

„It was a classic example of an attempt to intimidate. They did not make death threats, but how do you call it when five adults surround you and bring you into your face, screaming and laughing. That is an inadmissible behaviour of people who should have an increased degree of responsibility. They work in a public company, not to mention that no one in the street should behave like that,“ Stojanovic said.

The police insisted that Stojanovic say whether he received verbal threats, while he insisted that they should watch the video.


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