V-Dem Institute: Serbia among six world states with highest level of autocracy

NEWS 03.03.202222:53 0 komentara

According to the Swedish V-Dem Institute, "Autocracy changes nature?" latest report on the state of democracy Serbia, along with Brazil, Turkey, Hungary, India and Poland, is among the countries "with the highest level of autocratisation."

The ‘European Western Balkans’ (EWB) website said that the Institute’s report also described Serbia as an electoral autocracy.

The report said that the quality of democracy had dropped twice or more in the last ten years.

It explains that leaders in autocratic countries are seriously undermining the country’s deliberative processes and respect for counter-arguments.

Serbia is specially marked as a country where the scope of consultations with opponents has significantly decreased in the last ten years, EWB said.

The report placed Serbia in the group of countries in which the biggest drivers of the growing autocracy are the ruling parties, which are marked as anti-pluralist. The Swedish Institute noticed „a significant polarisation in Serbia’s society parallel to the increasing autocratisation.“

The report also speaks about the great mobilisation of people by the ruling regime, and Serbia is mentioned in that category, along with El Salvador and Myanmar.

The Institute also described the category of countries to which Serbia belongs as countries in which autocratic leaders are particularly prone to accusations and censorship of the media.

According to the report, in last year’s summary, the V-Dem Institute placed Serbia in the countries with the most significant democratic decline over the previous ten years.

It was then said that the integrity of the electoral process was declining along with the deterioration of civil liberties.