Von Cramon says she is pro-Serbian lobbyist in EU


Viola von Cramon MEP said on Friday that she is a pro-Serbian lobbyist in the European Union, rejecting accusations that she is anti-Serbian.

Von Cramon, a member of the European Parliament Delegation to the EU-Serbia Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee, has been accused of anti-Serbia bias a number of times by senior state officials in Belgrade.

The latest attack came from Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic following her statement to the Nova.rs portal at the European Political Community summit in Prague.

“I am actually vemuch the pro-Serbian lobbyist in the EU, just as I am proKosovo or any other Western Balkan lobbyist,” she wrote in a Twitter post.

She added that her Greens party want to see Serbia and the other countries of the region become EU member states but warned that this “entails the responsible and honest approach”. “Not the consultations plan with (Russian Foreign Minister Sergey) Lavrov,” she wrote referring to the document signed during the UN General Assembly in New York by Lavrov and Selakovic.