Vucic: Assassin of Fico founded „Slovakia Against Violence“ organization

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, commenting on the assassination attempt on Robert Fico, stated that the assailant of the Slovak Prime Minister had founded the organization "Slovakia Against Violence." He previously criticized members of the coalition Serbia Against Violence. Pročitaj više

„It’s interesting, this story about being against violence. Do you know which organization this man who shot Prime Minister Fico founded? Slovakia Against Violence. All just a coincidence,“ Vucic said on TV Pink.

When asked if he feared for his safety in Serbia, he called such concerns „nonsense.“

„I’m not afraid in New York, let alone in Serbia. Robert Fico is a truly libertarian leader, a great, freedom-loving, independent leader. Hats off to Robert Fico. I hope things get better, so when I return from New York, I can visit him with my friend Viktor (Orban),“ Vucic conveyed.

Going to New York on May 23 to see who Serbia’s friends are

President Aleksandar Vucic announced today that he will travel to New York tomorrow to attend the United Nations General Assembly session on Thursday, May 23, where the resolution on Srebrenica will be voted on. He added that it will become clear who Serbia’s friends and partners are.

He mentioned that tomorrow morning, before his flight to New York, he would be at the Temple of Saint Sava with representatives of Serbs from the region and Patriarch Porfirije.

„We will fight, I know how powerful the force threatening us is, how big and strong they are, but I am sure we will give our best,“ Vucic said.

Vucic expressed his discontent with Montenegro’s actions regarding the amendments to the resolution, highlighting that they negotiated the amendments with other parties but not with Serbia.

„This is a dirty game to silence Serbia, a perfidious trick. They talk about individual criminal responsibility, but they intentionally leave room for clear conclusions about moral and political collective responsibility,“ Vucic explained.

„We will know on Thursday evening who our friends are in the world and who are our partners. All those who do not vote, are abstained, or are against, are our friends, and with all the others, we will maintain correct relations, but we will know they are not our friends,“ Vucic stated.

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