Vucic: Everything was like a perfect storm, entire collective West was directed against us

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Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said that the adoption of the Resolution on the Srebrenica genocide at the United Nations General Assembly is too difficult a topic to talk about in terms of a victory, even though the Serbian delegation managed to do what was most possible for a country in almost impossible conditions.

“I’m not sure that we have a completely clear view of what was happening and what happened, and I think that there is a bad interpretation in both entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, what we are talking about here,” Vucic told TV Prva after returning from New York.

“Those 107 countries that did not vote, abstained or were against, believe that this was politicized, unnecessary, non-transparent, non-inclusive and done against a small country at an unnecessary time,” said Vucic, indicating that it is wrong to interpret it as a victory on the part of Serbia and that those countries interpret differently what happened in Srebrenica.

“Everything was like a perfect storm, the entire collective West was against us,” repeated Vucic, adding that it was thought that this Resolution would be an opportunity to defeat Russia once again, but they underestimated Serbia’s capabilities.

The only intention of the Resolution was to condemn a nation without a verdict, because there was no other meaning, Vucic said, adding that it was „terribly important“ to show at the United Nations General Assembly that Serbia is proud of its flag.

The Serbian President said that he was affected by North Macedonia’s vote for the Resolution because he „invested the most“ in relations with that country. He said that Skopje’s attitude struck him, unlike the vote of Montenegro.

„North Macedonia’s relationship is not fair because it seems to me that I have invested the most in relations with Macedonian brothers and they will always be our brothers. It turned out that Greece (which abstained) had more backbone than North Macedonia,“ Vucic noted.

He stated that Montenegro’s vote in favour of the resolution „didn’t even affect him“, that is, „it affected him because of the Serb people in Montenegro“.

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