Former regime has single plan – „how to shoot me, kill me, drown me,“ Vucic says


Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday that the members of the country's previous regime had only one plan – how to kill him and put on trial all around him, but that he had no problem with that because "the results and works win."

„It’s their plan for Kosovo (to kill him) and everything else,“ Vucic told reporters during his visit to Novi Pazar, the centre of Serbia’s southwestern Sandzak region populated mainly by the Bosniaks,

He referred to a statement by a famous film director Goran Markovic who told the independent weekly Novi Magazin that he hoped Vucic would remember how Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu ended up and would step down with no blood spilt.

„In my opinion, we should concentrate on him (Vucic) personally, demand that he go and if he doesn’t topple him… We are a people on the brink of survival, and if there is any desire for life left, we will topple him or else he will finish us off,“ Markovic said in the interview.

Ceausescu was executed on December 27, 1989, by firing squad at the end of a popular rebellion against Romania’s Communist authorities and secret police.

Markovic’s interview caused a bitter reaction by Vucic’s allies. Labor and Social Affairs Minister Darija Kisic Tepavcevic posted on her Instagram account that „Serbs disgust“ Markovic. Diagnosis: frustrated and aggressive, artistically impotent with no national identity,“ adding several other offensive and inflammatory remarks.

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Independent intellectuals, artists and others condemned the post.

Vucic has often said his political opponents blame him for everything but that they could only kill him since could not defeat him in elections because the people appreciated the results of his decade in power.

On Monday, he added he had heard he was to blame for the power outage in Pristina but was used to such accusations.

Also, on Monday, Vucic said the new medical institution there would be the „state of the art.“

He added Belgrade would invest some 70 million euros in the Clinical Centre to make it almost equally equipped as the one in the northern city of Novi Sad.

Vucic also said that the state would add 100 million dinars (some 850,000 euros) to the Novi Pazar’s budget on Monday to help the town pay its debt to Serbia’s power company.

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