Vucic: Government in mid-August, important that I withdraw as SNS leader

NEWS 25.07.2022 12:26
Tanjug/Miloš Milivojević

The formation of the government can be expected in mid-August because the process of constituting the parliament will start on Monday, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said.

The President said he was very glad to hear that US Ambassador to Serbia Christopher Hill does not wish to interfere in the selection of member of Serbia’s new government because the future executive body will be formed in line with the wishes of the citizens who cast their ballots in the elections.

“I am not here to fulfill wishes, the people and the citizens have chosen. They have chosen a Serbian government to look after their interests. I am very glad Hill said he would not interfere. I guess that is normal, I am sure they did not interfere in the past either. Not in 2008 or before that. It (the government) will be tailored to the will of the people,” said Vucic in Sabac, where he attended the joining of a bridge over the Sava River.

He said the US is a big and important power and that Serbia will show respect, but that Belgrade will be guided by its own interests.

“Serbia is on the European path and it will continue taking this path, but it will preserve its values and it will not end its traditional friendships at someone’s orders,” the Serbian President said.

Vucic said it was important that he withdraw as leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), which, despite weaknesses, is “the best political organization.”

“After a while you need to realize that you are not eternal and to give others space,” said Vucic.