Vucic: Hungary and Serbia can count on each other in the upcoming crisis

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Tanjug/Nenad Mihajović

The whole world is to face with a very severe winter and people do not see it, because nothing is missing and the crisis is not essentially felt, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at the opening of the International Agricultural Fair with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who agreed with but said that the two countries, in the upcoming crisis, can count on each other. Pročitaj više

Vucic estimated that if something does not change in the conflict in Eastern Europe, almost a quarter of the world will be in need of basic quantities of food, which will create new problems.

“I asked Prime Minister Orban if we could store part of the energy in Hungary, because we do not have the capacity and he told me within seconds that there were no problems,“ Vucic said.

„If Hungary lacks anything, and they have enough of everything, but if something is missing, Serbia is here, and if we are missing something, the first call will be in Budapest and we will continue to build that partnership,“ he added.

Vucic also noted that Serbia has a full respect for Orban, his brave moves and desire to listen to the people from the Balkans and to fight for Serbia.

We had a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels, and the only one who was completely with Serbia was the head of Hungarian diplomacy, at the order of Prime Minister Orban, Vucic pointed out.

He also announced that Serbia will continue to build the Belgrade-Budapest high-speed railway and that work is underway on the section to Subotica.

Asked about Serbia’s harmonisation with EU decisions when it comes to sanctions against Russia, Vucic said that there were many demands, but his job was to take care of Serbia, not the EU.

„We will take care of the EU when we become a member of the Union, and now our job is to take care of Serbia, to have enough food, fuel, integrity, the Constitution,“ Vucic said.

Orban said that he was satisfied that Hungary and Serbia could count on each other in the situation of galloping inflation in Europe, world hunger, rising prices and war conflicts in Ukraine.

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