Vucic: I said what I think about mutual recognition in Washington

NEWS 07.02.2021 13:58
Tanjug / Dragan Kujundžić

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic thanked the US President Joe Biden for the letter of congratulations, in which, in addition to the usual emphasis on commitment to improving economic cooperation, regional stability and democratic values, he unequivocally called for mutual recognition of Serbia and Kosovo as a consequence. Vucic said he already said what he thinks about the recognition in Washington and that his answer will not be different.

„I received the congratulatory message from President Biden. I thank him for the congratulations. As for the mutual recognitions, that is not stated in any act of any world organization. We understand that this is a new American policy. There was an attempt to impose that term as something that we should have accepted as a final solution in Washington. I have already said once what I think about the recognition and my answer will not be any different,“ President Vucic pointed out, according to RTS.

He said his job is to protect and defend the interests of the Republic of Serbia, and for us, Candlemas, which coincides with the Statehood Day, is sacred.

„For us, it’s a much more important thing than Albanian and American wishes. We also have desires, but also a different reality, and we also have a libertarian tradition of our people. That is not pleasant because it is clear that the entire American foreign policy initiative will go in that direction,“ Vucic stated.

He emphasizes that it is the duty of all Serbian residents to strengthen the country in the economic sense, to keep the peace and not to respond emotionally.

„And believe me, I would have a lot to tell you, but that would not bring great happiness to our country,“ Vucic pointed out.


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