Vucic: Interior Ministry will make a decision within 96 hours before EuroPride

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Serbia’s President, Aleksandar Vucic, said the Interior Ministry will "within 96 hours before the Europride event" make a decision, in accordance with the law and the Constitution of Serbia.

Vucic said after the session of the National Security Council that the security situation related to the parade was analyzed in accordance with the Constitution and the laws in the country.

He stressed that only the Interior Ministry can make a decision on whether to ban gatherings in a closed space within 96 hours. After that, the organizers have legal means to address the issue, he said.

Vučić also clarified that the parade will not be banned “because of monkeypox“.

„We are not going to play around and make fun of the citizens or thing up stupid things such as banning it because of monkeypox and trying to humiliate people who are our children, parents, brothers, sisters,“ he said.