Vucic: If Kosovo joins intl organisations, Serbia will have surprising answer


Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia's President, told reporters on Monday that if the process of Kosovo's joining any international organisation, "Serbia will surprise with its answer and efficiency."

„The day when it (Kosovo) is accepted in any international organisation will be the day of the violation of the Washington Agreement (signed between Belgrade and Pristina in the US capital by the end of President Donald Trump’s mandate). The names of the states that had withdrawn Kosovo’s recognition will be published on that day,“ Vucic told reporters.

He added that due to the conflict in Ukraine, many saw a possibility to solve the Kosovo issue in such a global situation and wanted an urgent admission of Pristina in many international organisations.

Vucic also said that Belgrade would not sent a protest to Ankara after he talked to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who, as Vucic said, explained to him what he had said and what had been reported about the Turkish possible invitation for Kosovo to join NATO.

„We decided not to send a protest note to Turkey because I had a conversation with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and he clarified to me what he said, what was reported,“ Vucic told reporters.

Speaking in the southern town of Leskovac, Vucic also said Serbia had decided not to impose sanctions against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, despite pressures from the West.

„How difficult that is on a daily level is not a concern for people. I won’t burden them with my job… Running the country in such circumstances is not an easy task,“ Vucic said.

Commenting on social networks’ posts about the possible lack of food and fuel in Serbia, he said it was easy to spread panic and do things against their own country.

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