Vucic: Kurti has German, UK support, there’s nothing Borrell can do

NEWS 11.11.2022 17:20

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he was not optimistic that a compromise solution can be found for overcoming the crisis in north Kosovo.

Vucic said Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti can do whatever he wants because he enjoys the support of Germany and Great Britain, and that there is nothing European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell can do about that.

He added that the announced calling of election in north Kosovo is aimed at triggering disorder and chaos, for which Pristina also has support.

President Vucic spoke Friday in Paris with Borrell and with EU Special Representative for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue Miroslav Lajcak about Kosovo and ways of finding a compromise solution. He added that, at this time, he fails to see the possibility of a compromise because “Pristina is refusing to behave rationally and in line with international law.”

Vucic assessed that, if they wanted to, European representatives could stipulate conditions for Pristina to fulfill, but added – they don’t want to.

“It is their baby, their child they are looking out for. It is clear that the Germans are the ones providing them with support for all illegal acts, and Great Britain – outside the European Union,” said Vucic.

He said Borrell and Lajcak told him what they spoke about earlier in the day with Kosovo Prime Minister Kurti and added that they were not optimistic following that talk.

“I guessed what the result was, and it was nothing,” said Vucic.

He added that it is difficult to find a rational proposal for overcoming the crisis in Kosovo when “you know who is responsible, and you know he enjoys protection from very, very powerful countries that tell him ‘just do what you want’. What can Borrell do? He will always have support from Germany and Great Britain,” Vucic repeated.