Vucic on lithium: I am the dumbest President in the world

NEWS 29.11.202212:34
REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo/File Photo

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he still regrets his decision against lithium mining in Serbia and that he turned out to be “the dumbest President in the world.”

Commenting protests staged by ecological activists outside the Serbian Government building in Belgrade, Vucic told Pink TV that the decision was not brought by the Government, but by him personally.

“I don’t understand why they protested outside the Government building. When they protest, they should do it in front of the Presidency building, and I will address them and nicely tell them – people, you are ruining the country. The price today is 82,500 US dollars per ton of lithium, with these reserves, that’s 100 billion, do you understand what you are doing to Jadar, Osecina, Valjevo and the whole of Podrinje,” said Vucic.

He stressed that the Serbian city of Loznica would get five billion Euro from lithium mining, and that this would be the best thing for the country, but that people fell for conspiracy theories and that protest leaders were “paid by foreign foundations.”

“The ringleaders received the money and destroyed the country together with us who were stupid and naïve to accept this impudence and this ‘force’ that thought it could do anything and I bitterly regret it,” said the Serbian President.