Vucic: Orchestrated campaign against Serbia underway

Tanjug/ AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday that an orchestrated campaign was underway against Serbia and himself.

Speaking at a news conference, Vucic said that the orchestrated and well-organized campaign comes after the enthronement of Bishop Joanikije as the new head of the Montenegro-Littoral Bishopric of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC). The news conference was held at the Serbia Palace instead of at the Serbian Presidency building as usual and Vucic, answering a question from N1, said that he called the conference to inform the public of diplomatic activities but did not say why the venue was changed. The Serbia Palace was the home of the Yugoslav federal government and is home to several ministries today.

“The attacks started from Croatia and of course from Montenegro where I am always the number one topic. I read that some foreigners accused me of wanting to create a Greater Serbia through the SPC and of a partnership with (Montenegrin President) Milo Djukanovic,” Vucic said, adding that “all Croatia media are waging a senseless pathological campaign” against him claiming that he organized the ceremony at the Cetinje monastery and commanded the helicopter unit which flew the bishop and SPC Patriarch to Cetinje.

He said that Serbia is not interested in destroying the independence of any country in the region and denied any interference in Montenegrin internal affairs. There will be no military conflicts because Serbia today is much stronger and that possibility won’t cross anyone’s mind, he said.

The Serbian President called Viola von Cramon MEP to explain her claim that he was in partnership with Djukanovic. “I am sure that you will apologize if you don’t provide an answer,” he said commenting a post on her web site.

Vucic said that there have been attempts to turn the region against Serbia ever since it was recognized as an independent state in 1878, adding that “certain powers are helping prevent Serbia from standing out”. “The danger for us is that different powers will try to reduce Serbia’s power and help others suppress it,” he said. According to him, “peace is of crucial importance for Serbia”. “Everything we managed to build and changed was because we maintained stability,” he added.