Vucic poses in Chechen traditional clothing with Kadyrov’s advisor

vučić i turko
Twitter/Turko Daudov

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met in Belgrade with Turko Daudov, advisor to head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, from whom he received an interesting gift.

A photo was taken at the end of their meeting when Daudov presented to Vucic the Chechen national burka and papakha.

Turko Daudov conveyed greetings from Chechnya to the President of Serbia and to the Serbian people.

The situation in the world today is difficult, when Russia came to the defense of spiritual, traditional and family values, showed the West the rejection of the alien ideology that they imposed, we can say that the entire Western world rose against it, Kadyrov’s adviser Turko Daudov wrote on Instagram, adding: However, despite all the difficulties and the enormous pressure exerted by Europe, not only did the leadership and the people of Serbia refrain from standing up against it, but they also showed their support for the Russian Federation.

In connection with this, Ramzan Kadyrov asked me to personally express my respect and convey that the centuries-old fraternal relations between Russia and Serbia have once again shown their strength, said Turko Daudov.

Vucic thanked the Russian people for being a brotherly nation and added: „Therefore, Russian-Serbian relations cannot be destroyed under any kind of pressure.“