Vucic presents candidates for new Government of Serbia

Fonet/ Zoran Mrđa

Aleksandar Vucic, the leader of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) presented the candidates for the new Government of Serbia during the SNS Main Board session held on Sunday.

He said the SNS leadership accepted the proposal of the prime minister-designate Ana Brnabic for the new composition of the Government of Serbia, according to which Ivica Dacic will be deputy prime minister and the Foreign Affairs Minister, while Milos Vucevic will be the Defence Minister and also the deputy prime minister.

Sinisa Mali is nominated for the post of the Finance Minister and will also be deputy prime minister. Tomislav Momirovic will be the Minister of Internal and External Trade, Jelena Tanaskovic new Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Irena Vujovic new Minister of Environment, Goran Vesic new minister of Construction, etc.

Bratislav Gasic will be new Internal Affairs Minister, Tanja Miscevic new Minister for European Integration, Danica Grujicic the Minister of Health, Husein Memic the Minister of Tourism and Youth, and Zoran Gajic the Minister of Sports

The ministries of telecommunications and information, as well as the ministries of public investment, remained unfilled.

At the beginning of the session,, Vucic said that the SNS Presidency accepted the composition of the Government with one abstention and added that the new cabinet was made to “live through this winter and maybe the next one.”

“That’s it, then there will come even more fundamental changes,” he added.

Vucic also said that the current ministers Nebojsa Stefanovic, Branislav Nedimovic, and Jadranka Joksimovic will not be in the new government.

“They will continue to work hard for our party,” said Vucic.

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