Vucic: Pristina preparing to ‘liquidate’ Serbs in North Kosovo

NEWS 11.08.202214:24
Tanjug/Strahinja Aćimović

“Under the guise of the fight against crime, Pristina is preparing to liquidate Serbs in northern Kosovo,” Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said.

Vucic dismissed Pristina’s claims that shots were recently fired at the Kosovo police from the territory of central Serbia, and added that Serbia “will not allow anyone, not even NATO” to shoot at Serbian Army and police members at the administrative border.

„Those who talk about neutralizing alleged criminal structures in the north of Kosovo, I warn them not to even try to do something like that,“ Vucic told the media.

Commenting on the coming meeting with “the Prime Minister of the provisional institutions in Pristina”, scheduled for August 18 in Brussels, Vucic said he is going to that meeting “in good faith” but that he was “very skeptical” that it is possible to achieve “any results”.

“They do not want any kind of compromise. All they have said so far is that they will impose their will. What is important to them is that the Quint supports them, they do not care what the Serbs say, let alone Belgrade,” Vucic said.

The President added that Serbian MPs will analyze the situation in Kosovo in September, “when the Government will also be formed.”

“That is our obligation, for people to hear what is happening and for us to see what we can do together,” Vucic said.