Vucic proposes new elections in Belgrade

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Tanjug/Jadranka Ilić

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic proposed to his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) to go to new elections in Belgrade.

Vucic said at a press conference in Belgrade that he spoke with SNS Leader Milos Vucevic, Prime Minister in technical mandate Ana Brnabic and ruling party candidate for Mayor Aleksandr Sapic and that he advised them to consider holding new elections in Belgrade.

„We nurture, preserve and cultivate democracy for our own sake. My advice is, that you have party bodies, my request is that you also consider what I’m going to say now, so that we don’t have a repeat of 2008, and someone will call it an illegitimate formation of government, and it was pure thievery when DS and SPS formed the government, despite the agreement that the socialists had with another party (…) I know that you have the majority, but it’s very important to go to new elections, it’s better to lose the government, and whatever you want to happen, than to participate in that election theft like we saw in 2008,“ said Vucic.

In 2008, the Socialist Party of Serbia had an agreement to form a government with the extreme right-wing Serbian Radical Party, whose candidate for mayor was Vucic. SPS then, however, changed sides and supported the pro-Western Democratic Party (DS) at both the city and state levels.

The deadline for the constitution of the Belgrade City Assembly expires on Monday, March 3, and the formation of the government in the city depends on the biggest surprise of the elections in Serbia, the right-wing movement „Mi – glas iz naroda“ which refuses to support the SNS, but also the pro-European opposition.

The pro-European coalition „Serbia against violence“ has been advocating for a repeat of the elections in the capital, since the day they were held. Namely, previously, the opposition presented numerous doubts and evidence indicating serious electoral irregularities – including manipulations with the voter list and organized migration of voters from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s entities of Republika Srpska and the interior of Serbia, to Belgrade.

Allegations of election irregularities were also found in the resolution of the European Parliament on the elections in Serbia, and in the ODIHR report.

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