Vucic: Protest against EuroPride organized by domestic violence convict

aleksandar vučić

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic reprimanded the media Monday for failing to ask for his comment on a protest against EuroPride held Sunday in Belgrade which, he said, was “attended by 4,650 people”.

Vucic accused the media of trying to make the already difficult position of Serbia more difficult.

That “family gathering” was organized by a person convicted of domestic violence, he said, adding that people convicted of drug trafficking were also present.

The President said the government will have a problem either way – if it allows the holding of EuroPride someone will say that is Vucic’s doing and that of his gay-friendly company, if it bans the event, some others will say that the law and the legal state are not honored.

A protest against EuroPride, organized by an informal association For the Defense of Family, was held Sunday evening in Belgrade.

The signing of a petition against the holding of the European Pride Parade in Belgrade was organized at the end of the protest.

The next protest is scheduled for August 28.

EuroPride 2022 is scheduled to take place in Belgrade from September 12 to 18.