Vucic: Radoicic in Serbia


President Aleksandar Vucic told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that Kosovo Serb politician and businessman Milan Radoicic is in Serbia and added that Belgrade will hold accountable everyone who committed an act of crime.

Radoicic led the group of uniformed, armed Serbs who clashed with the Kosovo Police at the Banjska monastery.

“Of course Serbia will hold accountable everyone who committed acts of crime. He is on our territory and prosecutors will do their job,” he said in a live intereview.

Vucic said “Serbia is the last country that needed those weapons in Kosovo” adding that the problem is that the Serbs want to protect themselves. He said that he does not support the killing of the Kosovo policeman and accused Pristina of conducting a gradual ethnic cleansing which he said was ongoing ever since Prime Minister Albin Kurti came to power.

He denied ordering a buildup of forces along the border with Kosovo. “Our army people follow the situation in the field and move forces where they will be the most useful. I didn’t sign a high alert for the army,” Vucic said and recalled that Serbia has no restrictions on troop numbers or equipment in the Ground Safety Zone under an agreement with NATO. He said that there are 4,400 troops in the zone today compared to 14,000 a year earlier.

“I always appreciated all the reports from the White House, the NSC but the real issue is that those reports are not fully accurate,” he said and added that Belgrade wants to see a bigger KFOR presence to support the safety of the Serbs.

Asked about obligations accepted by Belgrade and Pristina, Vucic said: “Form the Community of Serb Municipalities and we will deliver on all our promises”.