Vucic: Railway to make Serbia’s Nis most important spot from Vienna to Istanbul

Tanjug/Dimitrije Nikolić

Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic said the most important project for the southern city of Nis was the high-speed railway linking to Belgrade, which would put Nis "on the map of the most important places from Vienna to Istanbul."

After the meeting the heads of the municipalities of the Nisava district, Vucic said that the bypass railway around Nis would be 22 kilometres long, and the estimated project value was 150 million euros.

But he warned that value would be higher because „the prices of materials are jumping“.

Vucic told reporters the railway works would start soon.

„The planned deadline for the completion of the railway is four years. So, as of 2026, the drive from Belgrade to Nis will last you two hours,“ he said.

According to him, the Government had opened seven factories in Nis, with four more essential investments.

Vucic said he would „have to bring new domestic factories“ in the district.

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