Vucic says Radoicic not wounded, will respond to summons by authorities


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told the Serbian state TV (RTS) on Wednesday evening that Serb List official Milan Radoicic is in Serbia and that he will respond to a summons by the authorities.

Commenting on the Serbs killed in the village of Banjska in the north of Kosovo, Vucic said that for him, as the president, those people will never be terrorists.

“Milan Radoicic never hid, he was never ashamed of his role,” said Vucic, adding: “He is in the territory of Serbia. He is not wounded.”

When the journalist asked Vucic “who commands those men there, do you know those people,” the President replied: “Of course I know Milan Radoicic.”

RTS: Is Milan Radoicic in command?

“I am not saying Milan Radoicic is in command of those people there, but you asked me if I knew those people,” replied Vucic.

“Despite the fact that an Albanian police officer has no place in the north (of Kosovo), there is no excuse for murder. Those are family men, fathers of three and two children. I want the people to know, we will ask them to show us the drone video footage, of course someone must be held accountable for that,” said Vucic, adding that now he has more information, and that he will request the video footage to see how the Kosovo police officer was killed, RTS reported.

The Serbian President said the killing of the police officer was not planned.

“The way things stand, they had set up barricades, not traps,” he said and explained that the police officer was wounded when he ran into wire and explosive used in setting up the barricades. That is when the exchange of fire took place, he said.

“This does not diminish the gravity of the act, but it explains its nature and the intentions,” said the Serbian President.

The Serbian President said he knows what the Serbs in Kosovo are going through and that he has been warning about this for over a year, ever since the barricades in the north and the license plates crisis.

“Someone has to make him (Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti) form the Community of Serb Municipalities, then the police in the north of Kosovo would be Serb,” said Vucic.

“Rama was not telling the truth”

“Serbia is observing a Day of Mourning because of the tragic events and that it how it was said, because of the death of all those people. From the point of view of the Constitution, they are all citizens of our country, Serbia is observing a Day of Mourning for the three Serbs and the killed police officer, I think this is a civilizational decision, one serious and responsible,” the Serbian President told the RTS.

Commenting Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama’s request for the European Union to issue a new statement and condemn the Day of Mourning declared by Serbia, Vucic said Rama was not telling the truth.

“Because it is true that the Serb municipalities in the north (of Kosovo) declared a Day of Mourning for the killed Serbs, we declared it for all of them. This is not the first time he is not telling the truth,” said the Serbian President.