Vucic: Serbia must be open, hatred towards Albanians brings nothing good

NEWS 01.08.2021 14:05
Aleksandar Vučić
Source: Tanjug / Jadranka Ilić

Serbia must be open, ready for cooperation and embrace every chance for economic growth, infrastructural connections and exchange of ideas, which is why the "Open Balkans" project represents a great opportunity, Serbia’s President, Aleksandar Vucic, wrote for Politika.

Vucic stated that there was no important step in the Balkans that would take the region forward so far and that this is the first time that someone has launched something that is good for all countries in the region.

Serbia still does not understand that relations in the region are changing and that hatred, most often towards Albanians, does not bring anything good.

„We must be open, ready to cooperate, to embrace every chance for economic growth, infrastructural connections and exchange of ideas. That is why the ‘Open Balkans’ project represents a great opportunity, but also hope, responsibility and obligation to create a better and different future without waiting for anything to fall from the sky, for anyone to bring us gifts that we would pay for more than their value is,” Vucic said.

He noted that, a few days ago, he, the Macedonia’s Zoran Zaev and Albania’s Edi Rama signed three documents in Skopje, expressing committment to work on facilitating the import, export and movement of goods between the three countries, enabling free access for workers of each country to their labour markets. They also expressed commitment to joining forces in the event of natural disasters.

“Why are we doing this?“ „Because we can’t wait, and there is no reason for us to wait for someone to do it for us,” he wrote.

He added that all three countries want to become members of the EU and to participate as equal players in the huge common European market, in an area without borders for people, goods, capital and services.

He also invited other countries in the region to join this initiative.


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