Vucic: Serbia opposes revisions of WW2 history

NEWS 10.05.2021 09:38

President Aleksandar Vucic told a Victory Day gathering that Serbia is opposed to revisions of World War 2 history.

According to Vucic, “the Serbs were one of the greatest victims of WW2 and will not stay silent and suck up to politicians in the region as earlier generations of Serbian politicians did”. “You can insult me as much as you like but as President of Serbia I wont allow you to offend the victims (of the Croatian fascist Ustashi death camp) Jasenovac and others… you have humiliated Serbia enough,” he told the formal academy in the National Theater in Belgrade to mark Victory Over Fascism Day.

“It’s no wonder that we are seeing attempts to rewrite history in out region since the smallest number of countries ever are marking Victory Day,” he said, adding that some people are trying to turn executioners into victims and vice versa as well as demeaning the role of the Red Army. “The Serbs said a clear No to fascism in the 1940s… paid the price for their instinct and our capital will say No to every future Hitler,” he said.