Vucic starts consultations on prime minister nomination

FoNet/Milica Vučković

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic began post-election consultations on Monday with political parties on the appointment of a candidate for prime minister.

The negotiations opened with two minority tickets, Shaip Kamberi’s The Albanians’ Political Struggle Continues and Slobodan Nikolic’s Russian Party, which won one MP seat each.

MP Saip Kamberi said it is not an option for the ticket that he headed to be part of the new government before a seven-point political plan on the ethnic Albanians’ integration into the state bodies is implemented.

Following consultation with Vucic, Kamberi told the media that he received assurances from the Serbian President that this ten-year-old plan will be implemented, but added that it remains to be seen what steps the new Serbian Government would take.

“It is not normal that Albanians are underrepresented in all state institutions, at the local and regional level, and that we are asked to be included in the central government,” said Kamberi following talks with Vucic.

The Party of Democratic Action of Sandzak, representing the Bosniak ethnic minority concentrated in Sandzak region, asked that the consultations with Vucic on the candidate for prime minister be delayed.

The party, which has two MP seats in the Serbian Parliament, requested that the consultations be postponed “until the Constitutional Court rules on the constitutionality and legality of the elections held on December 17, 2023.”

After each parliamentary election, the president routinely invites representatives of parties that won representation in the parliament to consultations on the future cabinet.

In the latest election, Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won 129 out of the 250 seats in the Serbian Parliament, whereby it can form a majority government without forging alliances.

The consultations will resume on Tuesday.