Vucic: Talks are held with Stelantis to take over most of the severance pay

NEWS 26.06.202217:00
Tanjug/Strahinja Aćimović

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, said Sunday that he was satisfied with the conversation with the Fiat workers with whom he met Saturday and that they were "very rational" in presenting their demands.

Vucic also said that negotiations with Stelantis are underway and that the company, which should take over a part of Fiat’s workers from Kragujevac, participates in the payment of severance pay to workers who will be declared redundant.

He stated that for him, the condition given to the workers to declare themselves whether they would work abroad in the Stelantis factory, which would be conducted as training, lasting for 24 months was „not fair.“

„It’s very difficult for the training to last 24 months, but there is probably a lack of trained labor in those countries. That was unfair for me,“ said Vucic.

He assessed that „the new leadership of Stelantis is much better than the leadership of Fiat“, as well as that the state will do „what is reasonable and rational“ for Fiat workers who lose their jobs.

„I’m fighting for them, and on the other hand, I am looking to reduce the cost of the state, or not to have it at all,“ Vucic pointed out.

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