Vucic tells CNN: Belgrade met all obligations, Pristina didn’t

NEWS 31.05.202321:37

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told CNN on Wednesday that Belgrade has implemented all its international obligations under the Brussels Agreement while Pristina has not done the only thing it should have – form the Community of Serb Municipalities in Kosovo.

Vucic said that there were 353 ethnically motivated assaults on Kosovo Serbs since Prime Minister Albin Kurti took office. He said that was the largest number of incidents since Pristina declared independence in 2008. He said that there were five firearms assaults on Kosovo Serb civilians this year and added that they just want safety for themselves and their families.

The Serbian President denied Kurti’s claims that he forced the Kosovo Serbs to boycott the local elections in northern municipalities.

According to Vucic, Belgrade is very happy with the statements made by US State Secretary Antony Blinken and French President Emanuel Macron about the latest crisis in Kosovo. He said that Serbia reacted without violating a single international agreement, including the Kumanovo peace agreement which ended the Kosovo war and UN Security Council Resolution 1244. He said that Serbia did not send troops into Kosovo and had good cooperation with NATO forces.

Vucic said the key thing is to maintain peace and stability. He said that he knows the Kosovo Serbs are determined to defend their homes and called them to use peaceful means, adding that they have to talk to the Albanians to get all international agreements implemented. He also called the international community to act decisively towards anyone who jeopardizes peace and stability.