Vucic: The part about the destruction of media is in Telekom’s non-binding act

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Aleksandar Vučić

Answering the questions from N1, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic stated he has “no idea what Telekom Srbija and Telenor are doing, nor does he care". "And secondly, you did not tell the citizens of Serbia that this is an internal act. Not an external general binding act. But an internal act, an internal act of the company where they talk about how and in what way to beat their competition and nothing else," he said. Vucic.

„As for the Telekom and Telenor, all the citizens have heard of that and now when I asked you to give me the names of experts from Telekom, you did not know any names to give me. Of course, I have no idea what Telecom and Telenor are doing, nor do I care. And secondly, you did not tell the citizens of Serbia that this is an internal act. Not an external general-binding act. It’s an internal act, an internal act of the company, where they talk about how and in what way to they should beat their competition and nothing more. Believe it or not, you who think that someone would like to destroy you are the ones giving me the greatest strength. And I’ll tell you why. With numerous nonsense, fabrications and lies, which you place on a daily basis against me, against the state and against my family, leading a 24/7 campaign, and yet I did not believe that it was possible to want the destruction of someone’s president, to want the destruction his family even though all the people assured me that that was exactly what you wanted. I never believed that,“ Vucic said.

N1: Can we go back to the contract between Telekom and Telenor, because you say that someone wants to destroy you, and that is not true at all.

Vucic: It’s all right, let me finish.

N1: Well, can you answer the question, no one asked you that.

Vucic:… I never believed them, but in the end, it turned out to be true.

N1: What turned out to be true?

Vucic: Well, the fact that, for example, you ran a campaign against my family and me personally for six months in connection with the Jovanjica case.

N1: Can you now answer the question about the Telekom and Telenor?

„Now I’m asking all the people present here, what happened with the Jovanjica affair? Where have any of us appeared, in any way, at any time? Nowhere. And that is the problem with such people, because when they have no arguments, they use lies on a daily basis, thinking that they will scare someone with lies, thinking that lies can beat someone. My dreams are different. I’m not interested in Telekom and Telenor and the United Group and the €619 million Djilas stolen from our people and his coalition with your owner Sholak and everyone else. My interest in Telekom Srbija is as large as the state property in it, so it can be stronger and bigger, not weaker as you would like them to be destroyed and as the owner of your television started destroying them together with Dragan Djilas and other people from the Democratic Party since 2008 and 2012,“ Vucic told N1.

N1: But, you are changing the subject, it says that they want to put an end to the business of SBB and United Media.

„I will never allow anyone to put an end to your business, for the simple reason that without you, life in our country and the truth in our country would not be so obvious. And because I am someone who is a democratic president, who wants democracy to develop in our country and who wants us to always have such a strongly expressed, not only different opinion but also countless fabrications, because then the truth comes to full expression. So my answer to you is – I will never allow something like that, in any way,“ says Vucic.

N1 is part of the United Group.


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