Vucic to opposition: If you want elections you’ll have them

NEWS 31.03.202322:13
Tanjug/Vladimir Šporčić

Serbian President and Serbian Progressive Party leader Aleksandar Vucic told a gathering in the city of Kraljevo entitled “Serbia dreams and makes its dreams come true” that the most important thing is to preserve the country’s freedom and the children’s future, that Serbia must stay on the European path but also keep its traditional friends and not turn its back on them in difficult times.

Vucic sent a message to the Serbian opposition saying that if they want elections they will have them, but warned that he will defeat them more convincingly than ever.

He said the global situation is becoming increasingly difficult, that no end to the Ukraine war is on the horizon, and that relations between the big powers – China and the US, China and Europe and those between Western powers and Russia, are getting more complex in an increasingly direct way, and not only over Ukraine.

As a small country, Serbia must find its place under the sun, remain true to itself, we must preserve our independence and independent decision-making, said Vucic.

The President said Serbia is progressing faster than anyone in the region, that everyone sees this and that many in the region and in the world do not like what they see.

He stressed that, without a strong military, Serbia would be an easy target, and that is needs to advocate peace.

Commenting on sanctions against Russia, Vucic said everyone is asking him to impose them, that some from his political party are publicly saying it, but that he believes the decision against imposing the sanctions was the right one at the time it was made, as it is at present, and that it is in Serbia’s interest.