Vucic to parliament: Time to face reality


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told parliament on Tuesday that it’s time to face reality, adding that a frozen conflict is not good for Serbia because the western powers will not change their attitude towards Kosovo.

Vucic is in parliament to inform MPs about his meeting with Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti in Brussels last week as well as “the prospects for the Serbian state’s activities in Kosovo”.

“We are not facing an easy job or a time to celebrate nor a time of great expectations but a time to face the reality around us,” he said and added that compromise is the only solution but that he does not see what the compromise solution would be like. Vucic said that he does not see that the Kosovo authorities have any intention of considering a compromise. He said that Serbia is growing stronger economically but warned that Kosovo is a political issue. “The western powers won’t change their attitude and whatever happens they will advocate independence for Kosovo and secession from Serbia at any cost,” he said.

According to Vucic, delays will not solve the Kosovo problem and added that a solution has to be found in a rational, responsible manner and an awareness of the kind of Serbia left to our descendants.

He said that the Pristina authorities have focused their activities on what he said is the most brutal campaign against Serbia. Vucic said that what Pristina is investing in the arming of its security forces is nothing to be concerned about but that a cause for concern is the fact that some western countries are also investing in arms and equipmment and criticizing Serbia for arming itself. According to Vucic, Serbia is a sovereign state with the right to arm itself which Kosovo is not and does nto have that right.

Vucic claimed that the officials from Pristina told European Union High Representative Josep Borell and his envoy Miroslav Lajcak that they are not interested in anything signed by previous Kosovo governments, including the Brussels and Washington agreements. “That is when I realized that we were not longer talking about anything,” he said,, adding that the politicians in Pristina are far removed from reality.

He said that the Serbian authorities have earmarked 800 million Euro a year to help the Kosovo Serbs who he said keep moving out of Kosovo.