Vucic to Pistorius: ready to accept OSCE/ODIHR recommendations

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FoNet/Aleksandar Barda

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday that he is prepared to accept recommendations from the OSCE and ODIHR but added that the December 17 elections were very fair.

“We are prepared to accept all OSCE and ODIHR recommendations. I said that it’s important to cut down the interference of other countries into our election process and end the attempts to influence the elections in Serbia, Vucic told reporters after a meeting with German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius.

Vucic said that he didn’t think Russia interfered in the election process. “As soon as we complete the report about that we will publish it,” he said and added: “interference in internal affairs bothers us Serbs as much as it bothers you”.

Pistorius voiced satisfaction with Vucic’s pledge to consider OSCE and ODIHR recommendations.

He said the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue should be continued with both Serbia and Kosovo implementing earlier agreements with transition periods for processes that affects everyday lives. Pistorius added that the Banjska armed incident needs to be fully investigated.

According to the German Defense Minister, disputes have to be resolved through the dialogue.

Vucic called Germany and the EULEX mission to also investigate attacks on Serbs. He said that Serbia and Germany have different views on Kosovo. “We agree that peace and stability are important. What Pistorius said is true, I gave my word that Serbia won’t take any destabilizing steps,” he added.

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