Vucic: We have eyewitnesses of the killing of Serbs, you will see it within 24 hours

NEWS 01.10.202314:48 0 komentara
Tanjug/Serbian Presidential Press Service via AP

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in an Instagram video that within 24 hours the public will see evidence of the “brutal killing of at least one Serb” in the village of Banjska in Kosovo. Pročitaj više

“Within 24 hours you will be able to hear and see it, we have the statements of eyewitnesses, who were on the spot and saw how at least one man was brutally killed. Serbia will not stay put until the full truth is known, because the lives of Serbs are not less worthy than the lives of others,” said Vucic.

In a video address, Vucic said that there were “lies about the Serbian army.”

“Over the previous days, they lied a lot about the deployment of our military forces, it bothered them that Serbia had sophisticated weapons. We will continue to invest in defence, but Serbia wants peace… And everything they said they made up and lied about, and they knew they were lying,” he added.

The hardest part, Vucic stressed, was listening to the story “that we have to welcome the action of the Kosovo Police.”

“In vain were the assurances that it was not done in a professional manner, our question was in vain – why EULEX was refused to participate in the operation, but they were placed in the operating room so that they could watch from distance, but they have to support everything that is against the Serbs,” he noted in the video message.

Attempts to silence the Serbs, Vucic underlined, have failed and will not succeed.

US Secretary Antony Blinken said on the X network that he spoke with the President of Serbia about the situation in Kosovo.

Blinken talks to Vucic, calls for de-escalation of tensions with Kosovo

John Kirby, the National Security Council’s communication coordinator, previously said that the United States is observing the movement of the Serbian army towards the border with Kosovo and called on Belgrade to stop this operation, as well as to actively participate in the investigation of the attack near Banjska.