Vucic: whatever happens, there will be no more refugee columns

NEWS 21.08.2022 15:15

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, said Sunday after the meeting with representatives of Serbs from Kosovo that "the key message is – whatever happens, there will be no more refugee columns." "We will save our people from persecution," he said. The President also stated that "every type of intelligence activity in the north of Kosovo" has been intensified.

According to him, the Kosovo Serbs supported the leadership to „search for a compromise in the next 10 days“.

„They said they would accept everything, but they set some red lines for us that I won’t talk about now. What they asked for as a guarantee was that they wouldn’t experience persecution, and they got that from me. New persecutions and expulsions will not happen. I was informed that, if this persecution of Serbs is not stopped, in the next month all Kosovo institutions will be abandoned by politicians, and by the end of September, the Brussels order established by the Brussels Agreement will be dismantled. The police, the judges, will leave their posts,“ Vucic noted at the press conference.

He added that „the conditions are difficult“.

„Ours was to tell people even today, even though we know how difficult it is today in conditions when it is no longer hypothetical – we have nowhere to go, we are cornered and our key message was, no matter what – refugee columns will not happen and we will protect our people from both persecution and expulsions, unless NATO wants to do it or if they participate (in the persecution) with Albanian units,“ Vucic said at a press conference in Belgrade.

Regarding what happened during the negotiations in Brussels in the previous days, Vucic said that „Albanians themselves decided to carry out unilateral moves.“

The President emphasized that the „purpose“ of the Albanian side is „torture of our people in Kosovo and bring about their ultimate expulsion.“

Everything, he says, that the Serbian side proposed in Brussels was ultimately rejected.


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