Vulin: A foreign service wants me out of the government, or to be its spy

NEWS 24.07.2022 13:56
aleksandar vulin
Tanjug/Serbian Ministry of Interior via AP

Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that "one of the largest intelligence services in the world, if not the largest", informed him that his political views were unacceptable and that, if he did not change them and abandon the policy of loyalty to President Aleksandar Vucic, he would not be a member of the Government.

Vulin told TV Pink that he was told by that intelligence service that they would do everything to compromise him by launching a big media campaign and any other campaign against him if he does not change his political views.

„Vucic was informed about this by our intelligence services, that this is being prepared and I expect a massive attack on me next week, probably around the constitution of the parliament,“ Vulin said, stating that he is aware of the media through which this will be done.

According to him, „the condition was for him to start working for them, to leave his personal politics“ so that this would not happen, and, he added, his views such as the so-called „Serbian world“, relation to the European Union, Russia are also problematic to them.


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