Vulin blasts State Department human rights report

NEWS 01.04.2021 11:02
Tanjug/MUP Srbije/Marko Obradović

Serbian Internal Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin blasted the State Department report on the state of human rights in Serbia saying that the US can criticize but its criticism is worth only as much as its readiness to do what it wants otehrs to do.

“A country in which the Senate is defended at the cost of the lives of protesters should no call the Serbian police not to defend parliament. The government of a country which has mass racial conflicts and daily random hate crimes should not accuse Serbia of hate crimes so easily,” he is quoted as saying in a statement by his Movement of Socialists party.

According to Vulin, “Serbia is a free country headed by a free man”. “You are more powerful and bigger, you can slander and destroy us, you can topple (Serbian President Aleksandar) Vucic and bring in some weakling who will impose sanctions on Russia and China, recognize Kosovo, abandon the Republika Srpska. You can bring in new authorities by force but you can’t make us elect them. We are not a power but we are also not hypocrites,” Vulin said.

The State Department’s annual report for 2020 said that there were significant human rights challenges in Serbia, including serious restrictions on freedom of expression.