Vulin: Citizens’ safety a priority

NEWS 11.07.202211:57
Tanjug/OMK MUP Republike Srbije

Serbian Internal Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin held a meeting with Internal Affairs Ministry (MUP) and Security-Information agency heads to discuss the current security situation, Fonet reported.

“With their diligent and coordinated work, our security services continue the uncompromising and persistent fight for even greater security and safety of ordinary people, especially of our youth and children,” MUP quoted Vulin as saying.

The Minister said that, during the summer months, MUP members are additionally engaged and are doing all in their power to maintain peace and order and to ensure that there are no incidents at events and that all their visitors are safe, yet without disrupting the citizens’ lives.

Vulin said the security services are better equipped than before and added that much more energy and effort needs to be invested in order to preserve and improve the safety of ordinary people.