Vulin: If war is a requirement for faster EU accession, no, thank you

MUP Srbije

Serbian Internal Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin said if Serbia needs to go to war with someone in order to speed up the process of its accession to the European Union then no, thank you, it is not worth it, said a press release issued by the Ministry.

The EU has decided to stop pretending that the same rules apply to all who want to join this organization. Ukraine has become a membership candidate in spite of the fact that it has not met the standards that are so carefully applied to Balkan countries, Vulin said in the press release.

Ukraine has skipped several decades of pressure, blackmail and bureaucracy, and it did not have to struggle with the fight against corruption, with meeting criteria regarding the judiciary or economic reforms, not to mention cooperation with the courts determining war crimes, the press release quoted Vulin as saying.

“Participation in the war was enough for the opening of negotiations, I cannot even think what will be a condition for the completion of the accession process. I hope Moldova did not have to promise to go to war and that it was granted candidate status based on its word of honor, without an obligation to go to war. If the decisive criterion for admission to membership or for the launch of the accession process is for a candidate country to be at war, then Serbia could have launched negotiations back in 1999. Still, it seems that such rules do not apply to those who were bombed by NATO, for faster accession to the EU one must clash with Russia,” the press release said.

“I wish Ukraine all the luck, and I wish North Macedonia and Albania not to have to go to war with anyone in order to start negotiations on accession to the EU,” said Minister Vulin, reacting to the information that Ukraine and Moldova have been granted EU candidate status, the press release said.