Vulin: Police not in charge of removing mural

NEWS 13.11.202111:25 0 komentara

Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs Aleksandar Vulin said he does not know if the mural to Ratko Mladic in central Belgrade will be removed, adding that the police are not dealing with graffiti and that this is the issue that communal inspectors deal with.

“What I am concerned about, since the beginning of this ill-intended circus, that citizens are safe, that no head is smashed and that we see no blood in streets of Belgrade, and I am doing that job decently,” said Vulin.

Belgrade has seen a series of gatherings over the past days including those of the activists who protested against the mural dedicated to the convicted war criminal and those who protected it. Another protest has been announced for Saturday.

Vulin said that although this gathering has not been reported to the police, the police will have to be there to secure it.

“It is more of a problem here that so-called non-governmental sector was for the first time not allowed to do something. I’m allowing neither the right-wing nor the left-wing to breach the law,” he underlined.

According to Vulin, nobody was thinking about removing the mural which has been on the building facade for months until the moment cameras turned on.

The minister met the chief of the European Union office in Serbia earlier on Friday, who told him the EU was clear on demanding the restraint from glorifying the war criminals.

“The European Union has a clear and firm position on the need to effectively overcome the legacy of the past, refrain from glorifying war criminals and denying war crimes, as well as work to encourage reconciliation,“ Giaufret was quoted as saying.