Water levels in flooded areas across Serbia are decreasing

NEWS 22.01.2023 14:04
Source: Tanjug/ Aleksandar Nićiforović

The level of the rivers in the flooded areas across Serbia is decreasing, but the state of emergency is still in force in Leposavic, Prijepolje, Sjenica, Novi Pazar, Brus, Tutin, Kursumlija, Prokuplje and part of the municipality of Kraljevo, and the search is still ongoing for a man missing in the Raska river, RTS reported Sunday. 

The rivers Ibar and Zapadna Morava, which overflowed in several places in the territory of the municipality of Kraljevo, retreated to their beds. The level of the Ibar in the centre of Kraljevo has dropped by sixty centimetres, but a state of emergency is still in force in the city. 

The rain also triggered landslides, and since yesterday, the train on the route Kraljevo-Raska has not been running, because a huge amount of soil fell on the railway in the town of Polumir near Usce. It is expected that the landslide will be repaired during the day. 

 After the interruption in the supply, all consumers in Kursumlija have water again. 

The Sava near Sabac is slightly rising. Regular flood defence measures are in force. For now, there are no problems with the river overflowing in the defended area. 

The river Drina near Bogatic is also retreating. 


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