We – The Voice of the People member: Nestorovic’s decision plays into Vucic’s hands


Branko Pavlovic of the We – The Voice of the People movement said the movement will neither back the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) nor the opposition, and that new elections in Belgrade are the only serious solution that would resolve the political tensions.

He described the decision of two of the movement founders, Branimir Nestorovic and Aleksandar Pavic, to quit the movement as an attempt to break it up, which fully plays into the hands of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

The We – The Voice of the People movement was set to decide whether the Belgrade City Assembly would have a majority or fresh elections would have to be organized.

“Objectively this helps the SNS, because it creates great confusion,” said Pavlovic adding that, of the six We – The Voice of the People members who won seats in the Belgrade Assembly, there are only two left, because two others also quit the movement.

“They are doing this without a serious reason, which leads me to think that they are working on breaking up the movement. This essentially means that we are heading toward new elections,” Pavlovic told N1.

He said the remaining two councilors will not back the ruling SNS, stressing that the current government in Belgrade is “extremely bad,” because “we have enormous corruption, we squander at least 200 million euros per year on corruption,” and that this needs to change.

Asked why then they don’t help the opposition change this, Pavlovic said they cannot because “the Serbia Against Violence ticket has put in the forefront people who in their public appearances absolutely put western interests before those of Serbia, and we find that unacceptable.”

We understand that they are against all Serbia’s national interests,” he said.