What are the rules for media in Serbia on reporting on cases of missing children?

NEWS 23.09.202312:06 0 komentara

According to the Rulebook of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) for dealing with cases of the disappearance of a minor, the media will be obliged to announce that the child is missing for at least 20 seconds, during the next eight hours to announce this news every half hour, and after for an hour.

Speaking to N1, Olga Cekic from the Center for Missing and Abused Children explained that the Rulebook introduces an obligation that upon receiving a notification from the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications, the media immediately stop the program and release the information about the child’s disappearance to the public.

She stated that the announcement should be in the form of a poster, with a photo, and data of the missing minor, along with a contact that citizens can call to provide information.

According to her, after 48 hours the media will not be obliged to publish information.

Cekic pointed out that this will not apply to all cases of missing minors, but to specific ones if there is suspicion that the child is in immediate danger if the child is under seven years old.