WHO official says COVID situation serious in Serbia

NEWS 17.08.202210:04

The senior World Health Organization (WHO) official in Serbia said on Wednesday that the COVID situation in Serbia is serious but not at crisis level.

Dr Fabio Scano told the Serbian state TV (RTS) that there is no reason to satisfied with the situation at present despite the fact that the number of new coronavirus cases has been dropping over the past few weeks but are still high. He said the large number of new cases is caused by the new strains of the coronavirus and because the prevention measures have been eased to a great extent.

According to Scano, a large increase in the number of new omicron strain cases is expected in Serbia and the rest of Europe. He said more people should get a third or fourth vaccine booster shot, wearing face masks should be promoted both indoors and outdoors and classrooms, offices and other confined spaces should be aired regularly.