WW II monument sprayed in central Serbia

Source: Grad Kragujevac (kragujevac.rs)

Serbia's central city of Kragujevac authorities appealed with communal services to find and punish people who sprayed WW II's monument killed Jews and Serbs in the city's Bagremar settlement.

On Monday, the communal ‘Sumadija’ service cleaned the monument, a gift from the Israeli Bat Yam city.

„We won’t keep silent about this,“ the city’s authorities wrote on their website.

The International Holocaust Day is marked at that place every January with the Israeli embassy representatives.

On October 20, 1941, Nazis shot 41 Jews and 81 Serbs in retaliation for their soldiers killed.

During WW II, the Germans would shoot 100 people in Serbia for one German killed and 50 for a wounded one.