Young man on hunger strike in front of Serbian Parliament over police torture

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Andrej Obradovic, a young man whose apartment he lives in with his roommate was raided by the police on February 14 and who was tortured for several hours, started a hunger strike because no one called him to make a statement or informed him about the complaint he filed. Pročitaj više

Obradovic told N1 that they appealed to him not to go on a hunger strike, but that, unfortunately, there is no other option.

„[I decided to do this] due to the fact that the Prosecutor’s Office has not contacted me to date and I was told through a third party that I will not be contacted. There are no criminal proceedings against police officers, criminal reports are in a drawer at the prosecutor’s office,“ he said.

Obradovic added that he was not told why.

„I will not give up. This is not just my fight, I am currently fighting here, not only for the gay population, I am fighting for women who suffer violence, obstetric violence, for the Roma who survived similar treatment in the settlement of Karaburma… I’m here on behalf of all of us, because today this happened to me, and tomorrow it can happen to you too,“ the young man told N1.

The case of violence happened on February 14 in Belgrade, when the police raided the apartment of a gay young man and his roommate in Karaburma, over a tip that they had drugs.

The torture of those two people lasted for several hours, both in the apartment and in the police station, according to the non-governmental organization „Da se zna“. The police officers insulted the young man, called him derogatory names and told him that he should be killed, they touched his genitals and simulated oral sex with his head. Both he and his roommate were beaten and injured by the police.

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