YUKOM sues Serbia’s Interior Minister for hate speech


A preparatory hearing on the Committee of Lawyers for Human Rights, Jukom's lawsuit against Aleksandar Vulin, Serbia's Interior Minister, who the Committee accused of hate speech, was held in Belgrade on Monday.

Before the hearing, Yukom’s President Katarina Golubovic told N1 Vulin had continuously called Albanians „Shiptars“ (a pejorative term for Kosovo Albanians in Serbia) and insulted the dignity of the Albanian national minority in his former capacity of Defence Minister during the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue on the normalisation of relations.

Alesandar Vulin
Tanjug / Strahinja Aćimović

She said Serbia’s policy should not be based on hate speech.

„We believe that we must point out that Serbia’s policy cannot be based on hate speech, especially towards the Albanian national minority. And particularly in the period when it is necessary to find a solution between Belgrade and Pristina,“ Golubovic told N1 outside the Belgrade Palace of Justice.